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Announcing FaxBack's NET SatisFAXtion Cloud Hosted Fax Solution Platform

FaxBack is announcing the new NET SatisFAXtion Hosted Fax Solution Platform or PaaS. This cloud platform and secure infrastructure are fully managed by FaxBack, allowing for easy application and user management, as well as lowering the total cost of management and ownership of fax infrastructure while expanding resources.

Portland, OR – 02/08/2017 - With FaxBack's new NET SatisFAXtion Hosted Fax Solution Platform or PaaS, service providers and businesses can now move to an operational cost model for their fax infrastructure by moving their premise fax solutions to Hosted Cloud Platforms. This cloud platform and infrastructure are fully managed by FaxBack, allowing customers to retain easy application and user management.


FaxBack's Cloud Platform allows multiple options where to host, manage and administer Fax Server deployments on behalf of each customers. With FaxBack's Cloud, businesses in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services and government, can now lower the total cost of management and ownership of their fax infrastructure by leveraging Managed Hosted Services.


PaaS Cloud Model - The new PaaS model for NET SatisFAXtion Fax Server and Fax Connector for the AudioCodes Fax ATA and Fax Machine connections allows businesses to focus on their core platforms and service offerings. FaxBack's Hosted Cloud platform ensures that customers are always on the current software platform and version, always online with high availability, and geo-redundant with secure infrastructure. With HIPAA compliance and dedicated platform options for healthcare and government, security concerns are met. Scalability can also be cumbersome and slow to deploy on premise-based solutions while a cloud platform gives the customer the needed capacity whenever they needed it.


OPEX - Moving from initial cost of ownership and annualized support costs to monthly plans also gives providers and businesses operational advantages. Businesses and providers can easily keep their same application and manage their users and features in the same way they have been. This still allows all the same functionality of an on-premise solution, which is not typically possible with fax services. This PaaS model provides maximum flexibility without higher cost or management resources.


No Worry - Keeping a service platform current and maintained takes resources that a lot of services and providers just don't have available. In-house expertise and resources focus their time on the core service of the business and their infrastructure. Fax, a core and important business communication, requires the same attention as other forms of communication.


Telephony Options - FaxBack's Cloud Platform allows businesses and providers to keep their existing telephony connections without any changes or inbound number porting. Additionally, the telephony can be optionally moved to the cloud, giving the fax solution the best possible fax delivery and further decreasing worry and management effort. FaxBack's Cloud Telephony has state-of-the-art fax packet captures that are constantly being generated, allowing for any fax transmission to be diagnosed as needed without having to attempt reproducing failures.


To learn more, please email FaxBack at or call us at +1 503.597.5350 (800.329.2225).