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FaxBack Simplifies Management of AudioCodes HTTPS Based Fax Machine Accounts with Web Service Interface

VoIP service providers offering Fax Services can now connect customer fax machines, via HTTPS, directly to their existing cloud fax account. This allows for consolidation of all their faxes no matter what form of submission is used; Fax from the Web, Virtual Fax and Email to Fax. Web Service connections allow for transparent account management keeping deployment easy for the provider.

Portland, OR 1/30/2014 -

FaxBack (, a fax server and fax technology company helping clients build and deploy reliable cloud fax services and turnkey business fax solutions, announced today improved Web Service integration of the AudioCodes Fax ATA and Fax Connector Software to VoIP Provider’s existing Fax Solutions such as Fax from the Web, Virtual Fax and Email to Fax. FaxBack will be showcasing the AudioCodes Fax ATA and Fax Connector technology at ITEXPO East in Miami Beach on January 28-31, 2014 at booth #521.

The AudioCodes Fax Connector Software allows VoIP Service Providers that have existing fax services to connect their customers fax machines to their online fax account. This allows for complete consolidation of faxes through a single point for the provider instead of the separation of fax machine traffic going through direct SIP routes, while other forms of fax such as Fax from the Web, Virtual Fax and Email to Fax go through their fax solution. Deployment and integration of the AudioCodes Fax Connector software with the improved Web Service API connections keeps the account management transparent and also automatically provisions the Fax ATAs.

The AudioCodes Fax Connector and Fax ATA have been deployed by many VoIP Service Providers including Vitelity, NxGEN and Cobham SATCOM. Education Networks of America (ENA) has also deployed the AudioCodes Fax Connector and Fax ATAs for their school system focused IaaS solution, further improving their offering with their E-rate programs.

AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATA Solution - The AudioCodes Fax ATA is an HTTPS enabled version of the MP-20x series of Analog Telephone Adapters that is a cost-effective, advanced fax product, which allows the connection of ordinary fax machines and Multi-function Printers (MFPs) to cloud-based fax solutions and premise-based fax servers using HTTPS.

Benefits of HTTPS Fax Connections - Utilizing AudioCodes’ new real-time HTTPS fax architecture, the Fax ATA combines superior fax reliability, security and cutting-edge features for end users and service providers alike. Preserving the simple and familiar experience of the fax machine, users can easily transition to VoIP-based faxing no matter what type of connection is used; WiFi, satellite and cellular data connections.

Fax Connector Software - The Fax Connector is backend software that connects the Fax ATA to existing fax solutions. This is the connection point for deployed Fax ATAs and the fax solution that is sending or receiving faxes. It has two main functions, managing the HTTPS sessions of the connected Fax ATAs and communicating with a fax solution that is sending or receiving faxes. The solution is highly scalable and supports various high availability deployments.



About FaxBack

FaxBack provides reliable, secure, and scalable Fax Solutions for Service Providers, Multi-Site Enterprises, and Small Businesses. In addition to premise-based fax servers, we offer fax solutions for any VoIP environment. Connect your Fax Machine to the Cloud through our HTTPS Fax ATA. Robust, high density Fax Trunking with full virtualization including Web-to-Fax portals are also available with our popular NET SatisFAXtion solutions. FaxBack and AudioCodes have developed an HTTPS enabled Fax ATA and the Fax Connector technology was created for a secure and reliable fax transmissions for Fax Machines.

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