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Broad integration with VoIP media gateways, IP-PBXs and service providers, as well as application integration makes FaxBack's Fax Products the easiest to integrate VoIP based Fax Solution in its class. FaxBack is always expanding its interoperability with VoIP centric connectivity service and products making it one of the best fax solutions for business in today's fast moving communication environments.

FaxBack VoIP Fax solutions offer certified interoperability with many popular telephony system, service provider and business application vendors to deliver exceptional value. By integrating with an organization's existing VoIP environment, IT strategies, and worfklows, FaxBack's VoIP Fax Solutions provide an even more compelling ROI, easy deployment, and functionality.

VoIP Media Gateway Hardware
FaxBack's VoIP Fax solutions connect via SIP T.38 to a media gateway without need for additional hardware or drivers. There are media gateway options for connecting to digital PRI/T1 lines as well analog lines such as POTS, analog extensions carrying DTMF, or even analog DID lines. This allows FaxBack's applications to be deployed in any TDM or legacy PBX environment without need for expensive dedicated fax hardware. By eliminating fax boards, FaxBack's applications can be run in a virtualized environment providing further cost savings. FaxBack's T.38 is specifically tuned to provide dependable interoperability with a wide variety of popular VoIP gateway hardware and devices.

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FaxBack's VoIP fax solutions are also able to connect via SIP T.38 to an IP PBX allowing organizations who have moved to an in-house VoIP solution to fully leverage their investments. The IP PBX maintains control over DID routing, telco-side failover, and LCR practices. This maximizes the value of an organization's VoIP architecture by seamlessly extending a Unified Communications strategy to fax without need for additional hardware or circuit based telephony.

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VoIP Service Providers
In addition to premise based VoIP environments, FaxBack's VoIP Fax solutions can also be connected to a VoIP Service Provider via either SIP T.38 or HTTPS Fax Trunks. As the industry leader in VoIP Fax technology, FaxBack works directly with carriers and providers to deploy and certify VoIP Fax networks making it easy for their customers to reliably transmit faxes: from a simple fax machine to an NET SatisFAXtion Enterprise fax server.

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Application Integration
FaxBack VoIP Fax solutions integrate with numerous industry leading third-party business applications to streamline fax workflow, automate repetitive processes, and help maintain regulatory compliance such as HIPAA. By using their powerful but simple architecture, FaxBack's solutions offer easy integration with many popular business solutions including document management systems, email clients/servers, and numerous vertical specific applications. The end user is able to use familiar tools to seamlessly manage, send, and receive fax documents.

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