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Fax Automation and Application Integration

NET SatisFAXtion Fax Automation and Application Integration: a powerful way to automate faxing and back-office applications.

Using FaxBack's print fax automation technology, the NET SatisFAXtion Application Integration module lets users convert and electronically transmit documents directly from the applications where they were created.
Rapid delivery of documents like purchase orders, invoices and claims has a direct impact on business cycles. Unlike other delivery methods including ERP applications, NET SatisFAXtion fax server software allows instantaneous transmission of documents, safely and securely.

Electronic Delivery
Convert individual documents to TIFF or PDF files. Contact names and fax numbers are automatically extracted from the document for instant delivery. Send one or 1,000 faxes at once directly from any application.

Significant Cost Savings
It costs more than $1 to print and mail just one document. By delivering that documents electronically via a fax server, delivery costs go down to just pennies. With NET SatisFAXtion fax server software for Enterprise, Small Business or IP, you can eliminate the costs associated with paper and postage.

Speed Business Cycles
Reducing document delivery time accelerates business cycles. Because orders can be fulfilled more rapidly, products and services can be invoiced and paid sooner.

Secure Delivery
Unlike other forms of delivery and paper-based processing, faxes can not be altered or delivered to the wrong destinations. Automatically receive delivery, failure and tracking notifications at your desktop.