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Export Module - Secure Fax Archival

NET SatisFAXtion Secure Fax Archival and fax document management: A Flexible, Paperless Option to Automatically Store Fax Documents as TIFF or PDF Images.
Supports integration with Microsoft Sharepoint and .NET Workflow.

In today's business climate, the ability to track all forms of communication is critical. Designed to help organizations improve workflow processes by integrating fax with key business applications, the NET SatisFAXtion FAX Archival module allows users to easily archive and retrieve any fax document.

The ability to securely store and retrieve digital documents eliminates the paper intensive portion of the workflow process, increasing productivity and improving customer service.

PDF Export and Archive
Faxes can be exported easily as PDF or TIFF files for off-server archiving or importing into workflow or document management systems such as FileNet, LaserFiche, PC Docs, Hummingbird and DocLink.
Upon arrival, faxes can be auto-routed to dedicated phone ports or  a specific network directory, based on DNIS or DID addresses.

Custom Export File Names
For quick searching or retrieval, assign incoming faxes with customized, unique file names that match your organization's messaging and archiving strategy.

Workflow Enhancements
Automatically print faxes on any network printer, imprint important header information such as date and receipt time and page split so individual pages can be saved to separate files. Route faxes with errors, such as missing pages, to specific recipients for correct handling.