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Copyright & Trademarks

Copyright ® 2010-2020 FaxBack, Inc. All rights reserved.

1. Use the Appropriate ™ or ® Symbol
A trademark that has been registered with a trademark office in the applicable jurisdiction is noted with the ® symbol. A trademark that has not been registered with a trademark office is noted with the ™ symbol. FaxBack requests that when you refer to our trademarks and registered trademarks you refer to them properly. For a listing of FaxBack’s trademarks and registered trademarks, please consult the FaxBack Trademark List below.

Once marked, it is not necessary to mark subsequent appearances of the trademark in the work; however, all headings, titles and subtitles in the work that reference FaxBack trademarks should contain the proper attribution. It is not necessary to include ™ or ® symbols in tables of contents or indexes.

If the character set of your project lacks special symbols and superscript characters, use the following substitute trademark notices. Note the capitalization and spacing.

      “(R)” instead” of ®, as in "FaxBack(R)” fax-on-demand"
      “(tm)” instead of ™, as in "NET SatisFAXtion(tm)"

2. Provide Appropriate Trademark Attribution
Include an attribution statement when using any FaxBack trademarks. The statement should read:

"List of FaxBack registered trademarks used, in alphabetical order are registered trademarks, beginning with "FaxBack" followed by any other marks in alphabetical order] are registered trademarks, and [list of unregistered FaxBack trademarks] are trademarks, of FaxBack, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries."

If it is not feasible to include the attribution statement it is acceptable to use a general-purpose attribution statement in a form such the following:

      "All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners."

3. Trade Name vs. Trademark
The term "FaxBack" when used to refer to FaxBack software or a FaxBack product is a trademark and use is its required to be used by the general guidelines set out in this section. However, when "FaxBack" is used in text only to refer to FaxBack Inc., it is being used as the company’s trade name, not as a trademark and is not subject to general trademark usage rules.

4. Capitalize Trademarks as They Appear in the FaxBack Trademark List.

      Incorrect: Faxback® Net Satisfaxtion
      Correct: FaxBack® NET SatisFAXtion

FaxBack Trademark List
Below is a listing of some of FaxBack’s most commonly used product names, showing the correct spelling and trademark attribution. For inquiries regarding product names and trademarks not included on this list, please contact the FaxBack Legal Department.

      FaxBack®       NET SatisFAXtion™       FAXability™


FaxBack Patent List

US Patent Number 8,339,646, 8,526,048, 8,643,886, 8,693,029.