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News Archive

2017 Press Releases

02.08.2017 Announcing FaxBack's NET SatisFAXtion Cloud Hosted Fax Solution Platform


2016 Press Releases

01.27.2016 IAFax Sets a New Standard in Fax Quality and Reliability with Its Real-time HTTPS-Based Fax Telephony Communications Service Platform


2015 Press Releases

10.07.2015 Announcing IAFax, A New Fax Service Provider for Business Fax Servers

01.29.2015 FaxBack Exceeds Milestone: 20,000 AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATAs for Service Provider and Business Fax Solutions

01.28.2015 Vitelity uses AudioCodes Fax ATA to Improve VoIP Fax Offerings for Fax Machines and MFPs

01.28.2015 New AudioCodes Fax ATA Case Study - Vitelityoff-site link

2014 Press Releases

03.17.2014 FaxBack Features "Fax Pro Station" within AudioCodes Pavilion at Enterprise Connect

02.26.2014 FaxBack to Exhibit at Enterprise Connect, AudioCodes HTTPS Fax Technology

01.31.2014 FaxBack Surpasses 10,000 AudioCodes HTTPS Fax ATAs for Service Provider and Businesses Fax Solutions

01.30.2014 FaxBack Simplifies Management of AudioCodes HTTPS Based Fax Machine Accounts with Web Service Interface

01.29.2014 FaxBack Debuts Real-Time Preview in Web and Mobile Fax Client for Service Provider and Businesses Fax Solutions

2011 Press Releases

02.03.2011 FaxBack Expands Fax Machine Connectivity to all Fax and VoIP Service Providers, Business Fax Servers and Enterprise VoIP Solutions

2010 Press Releases

10.07.2010 Patton, 3CX and FaxBack Join Forces to Unveil Mutually-Certified VoIP, iPBX and FAX Solutions at ITEXPOoff-site link

10.05.2010 FaxBack Announces General Availability of its Reliable and Secure HTTPS Fax Platform

02.03.2010 Fax Over IP Has New Lifeoff-site link

01.21.2010 More Than 40 Leading Carriers, Enterprises and SMB Customers Evaluate FaxBack’s New HTTPS Fax Platform

01.13.2010 FaxBack Participates in VoIP Fax Discussion at ITEXPO

2009 Press Releases

09.22.2009 FaxBack Announces New HTTPS Fax Platform

09.22.2009 FaxSIPit and FaxBack Announce Partnership To Bring Reliable VoIP Fax to Service Providers

09.22.2009 Pangea Communications and FaxBack Extend Their Alliance to Streamline Least Cost Routing and Enhance the Reliability of VoIP-Fax

09.10.2009 FaxBack® Awarded “Best of Show” at ITEXPO West 2009

09.03.2009 FaxBack® Announces a New VoIP Fax ATA, based on HTTPS, Which Provides a Level of Quality for VoIP Faxing Equal to PSTN Connections

09.02.2009 Epygi Technologies Partners with FaxBack® to Incorporate Microsoft Fax into Epygi's VoIP Phone Systems

09.01.2009 FaxBack® Announces New Partner Program for VoIP Plug-in for Microsoft Fax

06.04.2009 FaxBack Enables Microsoft Fax for VoIP - Free Software Plug-In Allows VoIP users to Fax through Microsoft Windows

02.23.2009 FaxBack VoIP Fax Server Receives Global Crossing SIP Trunking Interoperability Certification

02.02.2009 FaxBack Enables Fax Machine Integration With Document Management Systems - Enables Enterprises to Capture and Automate Faxes to Enhance Productivity and Facilitate Regulatory Compliance

01.28.2009 NET SatisFAXtion Named a 2008 "Product of the Year" by TMC's Internet Telephony Magazine

2008 Press Releases

10.27.2008 FaxBack Wins the 2008 Internet Telephony® Excellence Award

09.16.2008 New Carrier Certification Program from FaxBack Addresses the Issues Required to Reliably Deliver VoIP-Fax Solutions

07.08.2008 Teche Bank Chooses FaxBack Fax Solutions

2007 Press Releases

01.24.2007 AudioCodes and FaxBack Partner to Deliver Best-in-Class IP Fax Solutions

03.19.2007 FaxBack selects AudioCodes to Provide Complete High Density VoIP Solutions

03.19.2007 FaxBack Unveils Carrier Class Fax over IP Solution

2006 Press Releases

09.27.2006 FaxBack Partners with Multi-Tech: Joint Technology Solution Removes Challenges of Integrating Fax with VoIP Systems

09.22.2006 NET SatisFAXtion IP Enhancements Revealed at IP Telephony Conference

2005 Press Releases

12.07.2005 FaxBack Announces Partnership with Next Generation Logistics

11.21.2005 FaxBack Releases NET SatisFAXtion IP Fax Server for VoIP Environments

09.12.2005 ECS Realizes Unparalleled ROI with NET SatisFAXtion

08.15.2005 FaxBack Announces Microsoft Partner Certification

07.25.2005 RCI Construction Group Builds Business Using NET SatisFAXtion

07.14.2005 NET SatisFAXtion Integrates with Lexmark Multifunction Devices

03.22.2005 FaxBack Unveils NET SatisFAXtion 7.5

01.24.2005 RxHope Chooses FaxBack’s NET SatisFAXtion to Integrate with Online Application Process

2004 Press Releases

11.22.2004 FaxBack Announces Support of Fax-over-IP (FoIP)

08.16.2004 FaxBack Unveils Redesigned Web Site

07.01.2004 FaxBack and Comdial Announces “Win a Cruise” Spiff

06.28.2004 FaxBack’s NET SatisFAXtion Product Line Expands Integration with Hewlett Packard’s Digital Senders

04.12.2004 FaxBack Unveils New Version of Popular NET SatisFAXtion Fax Server

01.21.2004 FaxBack Reports 33% Increase in 2003 Sales

2003 Press Releases

09.08.2003 FaxBack Selected as Comdial Fax Provider

03.06.2003 FaxBack Announces Support for Mainpine’s V.34 Fax Modem Line

01.13.2003 FaxBack Announces New Workflow Integration Suite

2002 Press Releases

10.22.2002 FaxBack Announces NET SatisFAXtion 6.5

09.10.2002 FaxBack Empowers Mortgage Industry with FAXability™ Broadcast Application

01.21.2002 FaxBack Announces FAXability™ Broadcast Application

2001 Press Releases

09.19.2001 FaxBack Awarded New GSA Contract

08.13.2001 FaxBack Announces NET SatisFAXtion™ "Plug-and-Fax" Appliance

03.19.2001 FaxBack and DuVoice Launch Strategic Alliance To Provide Network Fax Server Software to DuVoice Customers

2000 Press Releases

09.13.2000 FaxBack’s NET SatisFAXtion™ Software Leads Fax Industry with Support of Microsoft Exchange 2000 Messaging Platform

09.12.2000 FaxBack Adds Interactive Voice Response Technology to Active Server Pages

08.14.2000 FaxBack Announces Active Server Page Integration Fax Messaging Company to Engineer Product Line to Integrate with ASP technology

08.07.2000 Web Page Fax Expands FaxBack's Fax-on-Demand and NET SatisFAXtion Product Lines

01.13.2000 IRS Selects FaxBack's Flagship Fax-on-Demand Technology to Provide Taxpayers with Immediate Delivery of Tax Information

1999 Press Releases

08.02.1999 FaxBack Launches Online Store to Sell NET SatisFAXtion Fax Server Software

10.06.1999 Developing New eFax Business Services With FaxBack, Inc.

1998 Press Releases

09.08.1998 FaxBack Licenses JetFax's Portable Document Technology

08.24.1998 FaxBack's NET SatisFAXtion™ Network Fax Server Supports WinFax PRO 9.0

07.27.1998 FaxBack's NET SatisFAXtion™ Provides Customers With A Powerful Network Fax Solution for Symantec's ACT!

07.06.1998 FaxBack's NET SatisFAXtion™ Fax Server Integrates with GoldMine®

06.29.1998 NET SatisFAXtion Builds Momentum with More than 22,000 Fax Servers Sold in North America

05.27.1998 FaxBack Opens New Corporate Headquarters

05.26.1998 FaxBack Launches Highly Anticipated NET SatisFAXtion™ Reseller Program

05.13.1998 FaxBack Merges Its Flagship Fax-On-Demand Application with NET SatisFAXtion™ Fax Server

02.23.1998 FaxBack Announces Complete Fax Integration with Leading E-mail Applications

02.09.1998 Lucent Technologies Licenses Powerful Fax Technology from FaxBack to Develop the First DSP-Based CAS Fax Card

01.20.1998 FaxBack Announces Strategy to Support the FAXability Desktop Fax Client