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VoIP Fax Routing

Faxes Lost in an Abyss? Misrouted?

 CIA Gets the Wrong FAX - Even the best-laid plans of the CIA and military intelligence can go astray. Top secret code names and travel communications details for Former President Bill Clinton were accidentally FAXED to a bemused owner of Poultry Pride, a chicken processing factory. -- Reported by ABC News in 2000

How many times have you had to phone a vendor to check the status of the fax. Or, how often have you inadvertently dialed the voice number instead of the fax number from the fax machine touchpad? Unfortunately, both these cases are all too common.

Waiting at your department fax machine hoping your faxes will be delivered is not ideal if you are dealing with sensitive, confidential documents.

Solution - NET SatisFAXtion Small Business or Enterprise
Incoming faxes can be delivered in many different ways to suit your unique requirements. There are several methods for inbound routing: receive faxes as email messages to individual PCs, to a designated individual, to a department, or to a central printer. With DID Fax routing (direct-inward-dialing) an organization works with their telephone company in obtaining one or more DID trunks (a trunk is a special type of telephone line). The fax is received by the fax server and automatically routed to its intended recipient. Using this approach, confidential faxes are no longer left unattended at fax machines or inboxes.