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Fax Workflow

Faxes Lost in an Abyss? Misrouted?

Going with the Flow - Workflow That Is

More than 80% of IT executives ranked streamlining business processes as a top-5 goal for 2004.
-- Information Week, Outlook Survey

For the past two decades, organizations spent heavily developing various management information systems. Purchasing, inventory, order entry, financials and other enterprise applications all generate large volumes of critical business communications - purchase orders, invoices, order acknowledgements, bills of lading, to name only a few.

To address these workflow challenges, companies are looking for tighter integration with in-house applications to better streamline the flow of information.

Solution - NET SatisFAXtion Workflow Module
NET SatisFAXtion's Workflow Integration suite provides the following benefits:

  • Helps companies manage the flow of incoming faxes by providing a flexible, paperless option to automatically store faxes as TIFF images or PDF documents.
  • Storing faxes electronically improves security and auditing capabilities and controls data by eliminating paper files that can be lost or altered.
  • Exported faxes can be used with popular document management applications such as PC Docs, FileNet, DocLink and LaserFiche to further streamline the flow of information.
  • Helps eliminate the paper intensive portion of your company's processes to increase staff productivity, improve customer service and eliminate the unnecessary costs of filing documents.